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REI Blueprint

2-Day Short Sale Training

Friday & Saturday / November 6th-7th
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Morning Session

Day 1 - Friday, November 6th

Part 1 - Building a Successful Short Sale Team

  • Discuss the difference between Judicial and Non-Judicial Foreclosure processes

  • How to build your team for success 

    • Who do you need

    • When do you need them 

    • How do you vet them

Part 2 - Increasing Marketing Success

  • Making Inbound and Outbound Calls

    • How to handle objections

    • Guidelines for Appointment Setting

    • Prepping for a successful appointment

*End times subject to change

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Afternoon Session

Day 1 - Friday, November 6th

Part 3 - Handling the Homeowner Appointment

  • How to identify repairs and issues with the home 

  • Getting the homeowner's buy-in on repairs and price

  • Review the Short Sale package and Documents

  • Setting the proper expectations with the homeowner

  • Process for document Submission

*End times subject to change

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Morning Session

Day 2 - Saturday, November 7th

Part 4 - Getting the Foreclosure Stopped

  • Stopping the Foreclosure Process

    • Who to contact

    • Tips and Tricks to utilize

  • Handling the BPO/Appraisal Appointment

    • What to bring

    • How to handle

    • Follow Up process

*End times subject to change

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Afternoon Session

Day 2 - Saturday, November 7th

Part 5 - Negotiating and Closing the Deal

  • Negotiating with the bank

    • Best means of communication

    • How to Interact

    • When and how to escalate

    • What to do when a file gets canceled

  • Handling the closing

    • Review and verification of approval letter

    • Working with the title company and lender for a smooth process

    • Closing out your file

*End times subject to change

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