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In 2001, while still in their early twenties, Jason Roberts and Rachel Schneider decided that working for someone else at a “regular job” was not a good long-term plan.


They decided to make a big change…and take charge of their own destiny by opening a mortgage company. Jason and Rachel built that business into a multimillion-dollar company, where they closed over 3,000 real estate transactions.


Then the market crashed and they had to find a new way to use their real estate talents. That’s when they started down a new path and went real estate investing. Implementing the strategies they honed over time, Jason and Rachel have closed over 400 real estate transactions.


But they weren't done. Jason and Rachel decided to share their knowledge with other investors. They now run a top coaching program with the nation’s leading investors, own a profitable hard money lending company with over two million dollars in loans all while continuing to flip houses using the exact systems they teach!

Jason and Rachel started with an expertly crafted blueprint. And you can too.

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