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REI Blueprint CRM Software is Here to Automate, Simplify and Enable You to Run Your 

Real Estate Investing Business From Anywhere!

Marketing Automation

Letter Generation
Customized To-Do Plans
Market Campaigns
So much more...
All integrated with the REI Blueprint Marketing Course!
So much more...

Organize Your Leads

Manage Your Leads

See all contact information and lead sources. Send follow up and initial marketing. Customize and segment leads and sources to target your marketing.

Manage Your Properties

Follow your properties from initial intake to final close. See repairs, comps, pertinent docs all in one convenient location. Then immediately turn and market that property across the internet.

Manage Your Day

Manage lead and property follow ups from your main homepage. Set appointments and view incoming leads at the touch of a button.

Web Marketing Simplified

Professionally designed websites
Drag and drop web designing
Unlimited, customizable web forms
Integrates seamlessly with CRM
Extensive video and image library
Beautiful, custom e-flyers
So much more!

Built In Lead Capture Tools

Manage Your Bird Dogs Quick and Easily

See all contact information and lead sources. Send follow up and initial marketing. Customize and segment leads and sources to target your marketing.End constant phone calls from your bird dogs with our property finders portal! Bird dogs can enter properties into their custom portal allowing them to track their property submission progress while freeing up your time to generate more deals.

Manage Incoming Calls Automatically

Upload incoming call leads instantaneously with our AMP system.  Free local numbers and unlimited extensions allow you to see what marketing is working and to send leads into your custom follow up campaigns seamlessly.

Here's What You Get!

REI Blueprint Pro Software

CRM system, Property Finders portal, Agenda assistant, AMP phone system with unlimited extensions and local numbers, 3 completely customizable websites, as well as all the features to find, analyze, manage, market and exit your deals!

Built in Marketing Campaigns Corresponding to our REI Blueprint Marketing Course

Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to?  We have built in all of our marketing campaigns, action plans, scripts, and webpages for you.  All you need to do is simply download the documents through the content library and you are ready to go!

FREE REI Blueprint Upgrades for Life!

As a REI Blueprint member, you’re guaranteed to lock in your price for life, and Never pay any additional license fees for upgrades.

Training and Support

Not only do we have the industries leading CRM real estate platform, but we also offer top of the line support.  We offer an extensive video and training library to help with any questions you have . You can also contact our helpdesk for any additional questions or issues.

How Much Would an All-In-One Marketing and Business System that Could Take Your Business to the Next Level be Worth to You?

Option 1

REI Blueprint


$997 Upfront Fee


$147 Monthly Subscription

Option 2: Best Value

REI Blueprint Software and Home Study Course

$1997 Upfront Fee


$147 Monthly Subscription

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