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Beginner's Guide to Multi-Family Investing


Josh & Audrey Borcherding

 In this online training we will show you how and why you should invest in multi-family real estate. With the right information, plan and commitment you can absolutely do this!


What is Multi-Family?

Deep dive into how to make money with multi-family investing.

Finding Killer Deals

We will show you how to find sellers that are motivated to sell, how to market to them, how to talk to them and how to turn a lead into a closed deal.

Analyzing the Deals

This could be the most important part!  This online training will cover in depth how to analyze the current rents, expenses, taxes, ROI, NOI and repairs to determine if you really have a good deal or one you should pass on.

Closing the Deals

Putting the money together is something everyone always worries about. You will learn how to put together seller financed deals, other people's money, and partnering to help you take properties down with none of your own money.

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