September 18th - 20th

Day 1: Friday, September 18th

 9 am - 5 pm* (central time)

9:00 am - Time to Start Changing Your Life!

Morning Session - Marketing: How to Find Sellers No One Else Can

  • Identifying High Profit Marketing Areas

  • Finding Motivated Sellers Your Competition Isn't

  • Creating a Marketing Blueprint that has your Phone Ringing Off the Hook

  • Increasing Your Marketing Response Rate by over 1000%

---- Lunch Break ----

Afternoon Session - Mastering Influence

  • 10 Strategies of the World's Top Sales People

  • Learn the Steps to Manage Your Customer's State to Yield More Closings

  • How to Walk In and Immediately Build Trust with Your Seller

  • How to Turn an Objection into a Benefit for the Seller

5:00 pm* - End of Day 1

Day 2: Saturday, September 19th

 9 am - 5 pm* (central time)

9:00 am - Time to Start Changing Your Life!

Morning Session - Live Calls

  • Bring Your Leads!

  • Jason will Close them Live from the Front of the Room

Deal Evaluation

  • How To Determine a Property's Value so it Sells the First Day, Every Time

  • Understanding what Active, Pending and Solds Mean to Your Bottom Line

Estimating Repairs

  • Know the Cost of Every Repair with our Foolproof Checklist

  • Know What To Look Out For: Avoid Unexpected Repairs

--- Lunch Break ---

Afternoon Session - Getting Your Offer Accepted

  • How to Construct Your Offer so you Never Lose Money on a Deal

  • How to Handle Any and Every Objection that Comes Your Way

  • How to Leave Every Homeowner Appointment with a Signed Contract

5:00 pm* - End of Day 2

Day 3: Sunday, September 20th

 9 am - 5 pm* (central time)

9:00 am - Time to Start Changing Your Life!

Morning Session - Determining Exit Strategy

  • Learn the Top Exit Strategies Every Investor Needs to Have in their Toolbox

  • Know What Exit Strategy Works Best For You

--- Lunch Break ---

Afternoon Session - Closing the Deal and Getting the Money

  • Building a Team of A Players (Title Co., Realtor, Lender)

  • Knowing the Real Cost of Closing a Deal

  • Finding Money to Close Every Deal

5:00 pm - Time to Take What You Learned and Start Kicking Some Ass!!!!

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