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Without a doubt, probate marketing might possibly be the most time consuming type of marketing you can employ when flipping houses. 

But let me assure you that it is also one of the most lucrative forms of marketing out there

What if I had the solution for you?  A company that would actually go to the courthouse, not just scraping master lists and mass producing  watered-down information, taking the time to research each county, decipher county specific codes, and then filter things down to make sure you’re getting the cleanest and most effective probate leads you can get your hands on.

An All in One/Done For You Marketing System

They collect probate leads on a monthly basis for your desired areas/counties 

They create and manage your custom mailing schedule of multiple, unique letters spaced about 6 weeks apart for each lead (up to 4 total mailings per lead)

They correct returned or incorrect addresses through their address correction software (eliminating dead leads)

They merge the names onto letters and envelopes in PDF file format to make it easy to print (you can provide them with your own letters or logo if you choose to customize)

They email you the files one week before you need to mail them (all you have to do is load your paper, hit print, and mail)

They will clean your list by removing any names no longer needing mailings

So What Would You Pay for the

Best Probate Leads in the Country?

First: Decide what counties you want to market to

Second: Determine the amount of leads you would like to commit to: 25, 50, 100+

Third: Evaluate if you want to be exclusive to your area

Fourth:  Finalize the length of your subscription, either 3 months or 6 months

Pricing is based on the referenced criteria as well as the ease of acquiring data.  Remember data that is difficult to acquire are better, less marketed to leads.


$4.50 -$8.50 per lead

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